Working From Home? Signs You Must Upgrade to Business Grade Internet

Working From Home? Signs You Must Upgrade to Business Grade Internet

Network speed significantly affects an organisation’s ability to remain competitive, productive, and profitable at all times. In today’s world, unprecedented circumstances have forced businesses across the world to shift to a new work-from-home reality.Employees working remotely need to use VPNs to access secure data.

There’s also a dramatic increase in video conferences, both of which require sufficient bandwidth speed to prevent general downtimes.

To ensure that the network provides a reliable high-speed connection, many workers have begun evaluating their current setup to determine whether they should upgrade to business internet services. Here are a few signs that might help you decide whether it’s time to take the plunge.

#1 Your Internet Speed Test Was Low

Your internet should allow you to surf the internet seamlessly. But you should also ensure that the internet service has no throttling, data caps, low latency,and optimum upload and download speeds.

#2 Your Web Pages Show Timeout Or Error Messages

Signs that your bandwidth needs an instant upgrade include web pages loading slowly or not loading at all. This can significantly affect productivity.

Error or timeout messages, incomplete or extremely slow downloads, and other similar issues can also be problematic. This is because it can signal your server that the connection is ‘saturated’, leading it to assume that the user doesn’t want to continue with the task, so the request might get cancelled.

#3 Your Online Syncing And Backups Are Failing

Backing up devices is an extremely critical step if you don’t want to lose important data stored on your devices. Suppose your current internet isn’t powerful enough to support backups. In that case, you’ll be left without a way to ensure that all critical information makes it to the cloud safely.

#4 Your Productivity Is Getting Disrupted

An unreliable internet connection can cause significant dips in productivity by slowing you down, especially if it’s a cloud-based business.

Delays in VPNs, email services,VoIP services, trouble accessing the company servers remotely, and similar issues can also lead to lower profitability and unsatisfied customers.

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