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VIXTRO is an all-in-one professional IT services provider for small and medium businesses, (including legal, finance & accounting firms, and education institutes) – helping them with cybersecurity stature and to solve their IT challenges to navigate the technology landscape more securely and efficiently. Become Empowered Through Technology with VIXTRO.

“Traditional IT Providers” Are Costing Business Time & Money

While you may have a current IT provider that offers a basic level of service, they often can lack the expertise and understanding about how to use technology to empower your business and make it be the best that it can be.

This traditional one-size-fits-all approach comes with a number of limitations and high opportunity costs:

You’re paying for services you don’t actually need
The approach isn’t custom tailored to your business
Future threats aren’t being anticipated through smart technologies
Important holes are often missed, forcing you to fix what should have been done right in the first place
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IT 2.0 model - When your IT is right, everything just works better.

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Here’s why others trust VIXTRO as their “go-to” partner for all their IT needs

Your Partner In The Path To Technical Peace Of Mind

When you’ve been focusing on building your business and managing the day-to-day activities, it’s likely you’ve discounted certain areas that might not “seem as important”. As your business continues to grow and everything seems to be running well, what could go wrong?

As many business owners have experienced, that which gets “swept under the rug” inevitably came back to bite them, often times 10x harder. That area commonly is technology. When your technology isn’t working in-sync with your business, it could create holes that expose you to unnecessary risk where sensitive data is compromised. If serious enough, it could be impossible to bounce back to a state of normalcy.  

It might not seem like it could ever happen to you. But when it does – it’s real. While it’s impossible to prevent these things from occurring, if you can have an “IT insurance policy” in place, you can minimize your risk of any negative impact – saving extraordinary amounts of time and money.

With the right help, you can have a robust IT plan, protection, and the necessary support in place to facilitate a tech culture that makes your business thrive for years to come.

The VIXTRO Difference With IT 2.0 Model

When you adopt the IT 2.0 model into your business infrastructure, you’ll be brought from a place of confusion to confidence and peace of mind with a team of experts by your side who want to see your business thrive.

Your journey starts having an initial complimentary consultation with one of our experts who will listen to your challenges, goals, and get a whole picture of your current situation. From there, we’ll provide honest feedback where we see holes in your current infrastructure, areas that are potentially at risk, and what specific technological changes can be adopted into your organization.

The best part is it’s not just about fixing your IT issues and preventing future threats from arising, but having a solution that seamless integrates into your business, so you can focus on what your highest ROI activities.

We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the most important tasks.

Delivering Extraordinary Results

Our affordable services and support are back with proactive monitoring by 600 engineers, ensuring that we can grow with your business and be a trusted partner rather than “simple IT support”. Here are some of the highlights which VIXTRO provide:

Delivering exceptional experiences to businesses locally since 2003

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End to End Solutions

VIXTRO offers the end to end support and service solutions that align to business outcomes. You will never have to deal with IT hassles again. We will take care of your systems and support your staff so you can get on with running your business and less time dealing with your IT.

Our technicians can assist you with all areas of technology, supporting your workstations, servers, and all network infrastructure.

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With VIXTRO’s help in supporting your IT needs, your business will have a more secure infrastructure and greater overall efficiency. We’d be happy to hear what’s on your mind and how we can help overcome the challenges you face.

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IT Cyber Security

VIXTRO has the ability to inform your organization with historical and ongoing information being sold that could help prevent a breach of your company’s data.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

Australian based hosting for all your services. 24/7 monitoring support. High-performance 100% uptime. Dedicated physical or Virtual Servers managed by us.

IT Support

We will take care of your systems and support your staff so you can get on with running your business and less time dealing with IT business solutions.

Managed Services

We set up, manage and monitor your entire infrastructure keeping your business running without interruption. This includes IT backup and disaster recovery.

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Business VoIP & Internet

VIXTRO offers a VoIP solution with no additional cost to have a phone on your desk, computer and phone to give you access to your work phone 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

IT Consulting

Meeting the needs of your growing business with professional availability, security, recoverability, and performance – resulting in superior IT business performance.

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