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Having the right set tools can provide your business with tremendous leverage to run more efficiently, minimize errors, enhance communication among stakeholders, and much more. After 15+ years of helping other businesses implement and streamline software solutions, we can confidently say Microsoft Office 365 is the best business tool that every business needs. It’s a cloud-based service that brings together all of Microsoft’s best business cloud services and desktop applications including email, video conferencing, instant messaging, shared calendars, secure file sharing, Word processing, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more into one license. It’s a low monthly investment with no initial upfront costs (unlike other common forms of software), allowing you to get work done quicker and securely from anywhere in the world. From the businesses that we’ve seen succeed the most, Microsoft Office 365 (M365) played a monumental role

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Office 365 Integration for your Business

Microsoft Office 365 is the ultimate business tool, but how do you migrate it fully into your business? Easy. It’s something that VIXTRO specialises in for businesses of all sizes (small to enterprise). Whether you need all it’s features integrated into a select number of users or organisation-wide, our IT professionals can virtually install it into your IT infrastructure securely anywhere in the world. Once installed, your chosen users will have immediate access to its features. Within days, you should begin seeing its positive impact on your business across all KPIs.

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Regardless of the size of your business, we’ll create a custom-tailored solution that delivers exactly what it needs to succeed

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Over 50+ Years of Combined Experience
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