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Today more than ever, cybersecurity threats and attacks are at an all-time. What many businesses consider “good protection” has sophisticated spyware finding loopholes and getting through to business’s databases that hold sensitive customer data. 

Here’s one example – after 12 months of monitoring customer data being sold on the dark web, our Melbourne-based cyber security consultants identified a 5-year history of over 6000 breached records. Some records revealed clear text username and passwords (many of which were still being used).

Prior to our clients opting for our IT cyber security service, our Melbourne-based client’s 2000 exchange accounts were possibly being hijacked and sensitive data was being accessed – all without their knowledge.

Security is often looked at a reactive approach in response to when data is already lost, damaged, or sold. Not only is this costly, but it can significantly affect the reputation and inherent trust customers have in a business – putting it risk of going insolvent. Instead, we focus on a proactive strategy by giving your business a comprehensive security framework that minimalizes breaches from ever occurring.

Not only will we provide a historical analysis of what sensitive information may have already leaked, but we’ll continuously monitor any attempted breaches along the way.

Our approach also supports any possible employee error in instances they accidently click on a phishing email that come off as legitimate. By sending ongoing mock phishing emails, various training exercises, and ongoing reports, you can feel secure that any potential cybersecurity threats are minimized.

We strictly advise our clients adhere to the Essential 8 Cybersecurity Framework, protecting not just your business’s data but identities as well. Security is more than a network firewall, but instead having all the necessary proactive protocols in place with the right products, services and knowledge. When your entire organization has one unified IT security understanding, having a robust organizational-wide infrastructure where your business can thrive becomes that much easier.

VIXTRO will help you do just that. Ask a expert cyber security consultant from our team today to learn how.

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