Why Educational Institutions Are the Prime Targets of Cybercriminals

Why Educational Institutions Are the Prime Targets of Cybercriminals

We’ve seen an unprecedented increase in the number of cyberattacks on educational institutes over the past few years. The financial and legal industry has always remained lucrative targets for cybercriminals, but now they are eyeing the education sector.

We’re not talking about basic hacking attempts to change grades or disrupt operations; hackers are looking to access confidential information in databases to sell on the dark web.

It’s an alarming situation, and it’s critical to take a proactive approach to curb their attempts. A robust security system can hold them at bay and protect your sensitive data.

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Why Educational Institutions Are the Prime Targets of Cybercriminals

Increasing digitization has played a substantial role in shifting cybercriminals’ focus to educational institutes. Colleges and universities maintain digital records that contain valuable information of students, private research, and other sensitive data.

Most education facilities have Wi-Fi and open networks that allow cybercriminals to infiltrate into the network and exploit system vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the database. 

Cybercriminals use a combination of hacking techniques, including malicious links, ransomware, phishing emails, and more to penetrate network security.

They can also leverage file sharing features to infiltrate into more devices. Even K-12 schools are not safe from cybercriminals as they house sensitive data and private details of students. In fact, many schools don’t pay much attention to their cybersecurity which makes them more vulnerable.

Consequences of Cyberattacks on Educational Institutions

The implications of cyberattacks on educational institutions can be devastating. A successful cyber-attack can result in a breach of privacy, which can expose a student’s name, address, and confidential details that can be used for fraud and identity theft.

Moreover, the information can also be sold on the dark web to criminals. Schools, in particular, face grave consequences because of the prospect of selling minors’ personal information.

Colleges and universities also have valuable intellectual property and a large volume of research stored in their database. A breach of privacy can result in the theft of these confidential files.

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