Top 3 Targets for Cybercriminals in 2021

Top 3 Targets for Cybercriminals in 2021

It’s no secret that cybercriminals are taking over the business community and threatening flourishing industries as fast as technology is transforming the digital world. Businesses in law, finance, education, and other sectors are constantly on the lookout for internal perpetrators and external cybercriminals.

While having a robust IT infrastructure is the foundation of good cybersecurity, it doesn’t guarantee complete protection unless the experts are wise enough to see an easy target for cybercriminals.

Here are some names to put on the list.

Law Firms

Law firms are in the line of fire because law and justice is an essential service that helps maintain the structure of society. The common circumstances in which people turn to attorneys include:

  • Divorces
  • Partner buyout conflicts
  • Mergers
  • Breach of contract
  • Child custody
  • Estate division conflicts
  • Identity thefts

Fortunately or unfortunately, these situations put the victim in a state of extreme distress when they turn to experts for help. Despair, anguish, vengeance, and anger can push people to unimaginable lengths. If they don’t find justice through a law firm, they’ll weld other ways to get there, lawful or unlawful.

Such disgruntled people can turn to hackers for identity thefts or attacking law firms, channeling their frustration on a company instead of a person.

Education Institutions

The discrimination in educational institutions is no less than in any other industry. Deserving professors may not be promoted to positions they need because of any number of reasons. Students may not be given the grade they deserve because of one instance of offending a teacher.

These are some most common circumstances that can breed cybercriminals who can plot and plan to attack the institution.

There’s no shortage of cybercriminals who will assist them in achieving their nefarious goals, regardless of the price. This puts institutions under this banner at risk of cyberattacks.

Finance Firms

Finance firms handle asset management and investment advisory. These are tough decisions that deal with a lot of money.

Companies approaching such a firm will rely on their knowledge, expertise, and foresight before making a sizeable investment in any firm. While the firm is eligible to declare an informed opinion, it can’t take full responsibility for whatever goes down.

External factors can act upon them to cause failure instead of success. But the client won’t take nicely to losing that much money. That can result in nurturing criminal-minded individuals who will do anything to get back at the company.

Alternatively, there can be ulterior motives that encourage insiders to deceive the company by accessing confidential data and using it for personal gain against company policy.

In all such cases, you need IT support services as your backbone to protect the company from crumbling after a cyber attack. We offer expert IT services in Melbourne to rework your cybersecurity and keep your data safe. Contact us right here.

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