4 Tips to Protect Your Company's Data in 2021

4 Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data in 2021

Online threats and data theft create issues for companies big and small around the globe.

Without adequate security measures in place, businesses are at risk ofthese attacks disrupting their operations and infrastructure. The slightest data breach can easily blow up to have disastrous consequences for the company.

As a business owner, it is never too early to start planning cybersecurity procedures and strategies to keep your company safe.

Here are some pro tips that can safeguard your company from safety breaches in 2021:

Protect Against Malware:

Keep data threats away by preventing them from happening in the first place—secure PCs and networks against malicious software.

Malware can cause you to lose all your data and can invade your system while remaining undetected.

To protect your system against malware, use a firewall and upgrade PC protection using high-quality security software. Additionally, use anti-spam software to keep any suspicious emails away from employees.

Secure Your Wireless Network:

Wireless networks provide easy access for cybercriminals and hackers into your company’s system.

An encryption key may not be enough to keep out seasoned hackers, so it’s best to secure the router using a high-strength encryption setting.

After that, turn off the broadcasting function, so your network stays invisible to anyone outside it.

Use Strong Passwords:

Passwords may seem negligible in the larger scheme of things, but they are essential for protecting data. Passwords can be optimised to protect data.

Using a complicated password with eight characters, numbers, and other characters can discourage cybercriminals from accessing your system.

Another good practice is to change passwords frequently so that they won’t be easily guessed.

Stay On Guard For Phishing Techniques:

Educate your employees about phishing emails used by hackers to take over your computer and network and steal information.

These emails look like someone you know sent them, but they hide links and attachments that contain malware. Once you click on the attachment, the hacker gains access to your PC without you even knowing.

To prevent this from happening, tell your employees to only open emails from people they know and have sent them emails before, that don’t look out of place, or emails that they were expecting.

Of course, data breaches can still happen, which is why you need to upgrade your security system continuously. With a bit of help from VIXTRO’s professional cyber security consultants and IT cyber security services, you can be sure your Melbourne business is protected.

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