3 Ways You Can Lose Your Business Data

3 Ways You Can Lose Your Business Data

Sometimes, it’s the people working for you. Sometimes, it’s a lapse in judgement. And at other times, the error isn’t human at all…

1.    Cause Au Naturale

Humans are responsible for many bad things that happen in the world, but sometimes, calamities come from an external source.

Many businesses have lost important information that was saved in physical form (drives or paper) due to natural disasters such as flooding, fires, and more.

Hurricane- or flood-affected areas generally see businesses impacted adversely, mostly characterised by an inability to continue functioning until the area is safe from danger.

One way of ensuring you don’t lose your data to a natural disaster is to have off-site data storage.

2.    Cyber Attacks

Inadequately protected business networks are sitting ducks for cyber criminals. Popular methods of attacks include hijacking important business data and extorting money in return for releasing (or not, depending on how sensitive the data is) information. It’s blackmail on the cloud.

Popular attacks include botnets, malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and ransomware. While firewalls and up-to-date software largely prevent these vicious cyber-attacks, organisations (such as small businesses) should go one step ahead and have cyber security assistance on board.

3.    Disposal Issues

At times, employees will carelessly chuck random information on hard paper into a bin or down a chute, thinking it’s gone forever. But just because that data is out of sight does not mean it’s out of mind—not the minds of adevious cybercriminal, anyway.

Even “useless” information in the wrong hands can cause serious trouble. You don’t know where it’s going to end up with, and you really don’t know if someone can access or break through your safety measures using the information that you just discarded.

Get a shredder. Ensure that any information on any bits and pieces of paper is completely inaccessible and illegible before disposing of it.

Have a senior manager oversee this process—because otherwise, you’re looking at a high possibility of cyber-attacks. The ‘right’criminal can make out everything—from passwords to security codes—with even the most “useless” of information.

Don’t Want to Lose Your Business Data? Get Professional Help

If you are looking for IT support and maintenance, or for cyber security assistance, reach out today to Vixtro in Melbourne.

We can ensure your digital networks are set up impeccably, with no risks of data loss or leaks. Cyber security assistance for business data protection is a one-step procedure that can ensure your business does not have to suffer the consequences of negligent management practices.

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