3 Ways Outsourcing IT Support Services Can Help Your New Business

3 Ways Outsourcing IT Support Services Can Help Your New Business

Erecting an IT infrastructure and putting a cyber-security team in place demands time, funds and expertise, all of which small businesses lack in their debut year. This is why new businesses are better off outsourcing IT support services to experts like us who are in business to help the business community grow without cyber threats.

1.    Virtual Server Computing

Commonly known as cloud computing, virtual server computing uses technology to construct a computing model. It allows a range of different computers to be yoked together with an internet connection, allowing data sharing on the ‘cloud’.

This allows smooth operations between remote departments and makes it convenient to manage your business from home or on-the-go.

With better collaboration between workers, you can easily erase inevitable glitches and minimize inefficiencies. Cloud computing comes with an innate disaster recovery system that improves cyber security. Allowing an external IT service to manage your cloud computing model will save you hours of painful efforts and failures.

2.    IT Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is ideal for small businesses that are just turning the key in the ignition and can’t support all business needs independently. This service model allows them to outsource software, hardware and network systems to sustain operations and cut their fixed costs.

Taking this responsibility on their own shoulders demands a huge financial commitment, one that they might not be strong enough to take.

3.    Backup and Recovery

A big cyber-attack and loss of data can be the reason your business name is wiped clear from the face of the industry. Statistics released by the University of Texas confirmed that 43% of businesses collapse after such an event and never reopen. Do you want one event to define your future in the industry?

Outsourcing IT services to a service provider will allow you to have a backup plan for data backup and recovery. This ensures that your business is back up as soon as the damage has been restored. There’s no better way to curtail damages better than having an expert cyber security team looking over your systems.

We offer IT services to small businesses in Sydney including new businesses without an in-house cyber security department. Contact us for more information.

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