3 Key Reasons Why Every Company Needs Strong IT Support In the Wake of COVID-19

3 Key Reasons Why Every Company Needs Strong IT Support In the Wake of COVID-19

For most small and large organizations, traditional resilience planning was not enough to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent events have changed working practices, dramatically altering the business landscape on a global scale.

With mass disruptions in the global supply chain and a growing remote workforce, companies are struggling to maintain efficient operations.

In response, the role of technology has expanded significantly—with IT support helping companies regain productivity and streamline processes.

Here’s how strong IT support is playing a crucial role in the wake of COVID-19:

Enabling Remote Operations

An HR survey conducted by the advisory firm, Gartner, revealed that 88 percent of Australian organizations have encouraged or required mandatory work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Alack of face-to-face supervision and limited access to information are just some of the many challenges new remote workers are facing. Luckily, a strong IT infrastructure can help overcome these challenges.

IT support ensures that workers have access to the right information and company data on their personal devices, so they can carry out work without any hitches.

It also sets up multiple channels of secure communication, so employees benefit from “richer” communication options, such as teleconferencing, to get complex information across.

Enhancing Overall Security

Licensing several remote technologies, including remote access servers and Windows 10’s virtual desktops, is crucial if you want to implement work from home adequately.

However, without the right security measures, these technologies can add an element of risk to your operations.

A robust IT support system will anticipate your growing IT cybersecurity needs and implement techniques to protect your company data.

This involves implementing conditional access policies, two-factor authentication, and virtual private networks (VPN).

Additionally, IT is also responsible for keeping all systems updated and educating employees about avoiding COVID-19 scams.

Improving efficiency

IT managers can help improve efficiency for the entire remote workforce by implementing mobile-friendly technologies and collaboration tools.

Custom cloud solutions can help keep the workforce connected and enable greater security at the same time.

Consistent and reliable connectivity to servers and related resources are critical to worker productivity and operational efficiency.

IT support can accelerate the transition to cloud-based services and improve efficiency as a result. 

Ready to take your firm to the next level?

With no end in sight to the pandemic, organizations need to take start thinking long-term. Even with easing lockdown measures, most organizations will continue to operate with a remote workforce.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your remote workforce while enhancing security, we can help.

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