3 Cybersecurity Challenges Educational Institutes Face

3 Cybersecurity Challenges Educational Institutes Face

Advancements in technology have equipped hackers with more sophisticated tools than ever to infiltrate networks and gain unauthorised access.

Educational institutes in Australia face massive cybersecurity challenges as hackers exploit vulnerabilities in their systems to access sensitive data for ransom.

The best way to combat these issues is to understand them and take a proactive approach to tackle them before they become a problem.

Here are the top three cybersecurity challenges educational institutes face:

Phishing emails

Australians reported 25,000 phishing scams in 2019 alone.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in cybercriminals book, and allows them to gain unauthorised access to a device in a matter of minutes.

Phishing emails are designed to appear like they’re from a legitimate source. The perpetrators ask users to click a malicious attachment or share private details to deceive and steal from innocent victims.

Apprentices and faculty members in most educational institutes work busy schedules and often fall prey to these fraudulent emails, leading to identity theft and financial losses.

System vulnerabilities

In education institutes, students, faculty members, and staff members make a large number of users that incentivise cybercriminals to attempt breaking into their system.

Typically, educational organisations don’t maintain a robust IT cybersecurity system like corporations do to deter these attempts.

Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities present in the system to infiltrate into the system and gain unauthorised access.

Strengthening the IT system using cloud infrastructure and staff training can mitigate these risks. Consulting a managed IT provider can help develop a robust security plan.

Hardware security

It’s common for faculty members to roam around the campus taking different classes and meetings.

They don’t typically carry their stuff with them all the time, giving a window of opportunity for hackers to access their system and inject malware.

A savvy cybercriminal can get this done in a matter of seconds.

Faculty members must keep their systems protected by setting a strong password, encrypting sensitive information, and keeping the device locked when away.

Final word

These were some of the many challenges faced by educational institutes.

A high-profile information security strategy, followed by user training, is imperative to combat cyberattacks and improve system integrity.

Educational institutes must partner with experienced IT service providers to evaluate system vulnerabilities and take corrective measures to ensure maximum security.

Security features can help them mitigate a wide range of risks, especially hardware security, as encrypted data on the cloud remains inaccessible to cybercriminals.

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